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We can help with the following financial planning services

Age Pension and Aged Care

There are numerous dependencies that will play into how much Age Pension you will receive. Whatever your circumstances, it’s always worth finding out your entitlement and we can assist you in doing that and more.

Budgeting and Cashflow

Sorting out your cash flow and designing an achievable budget is the first step in creating your financial future. We help to make sure that your budget is realistic and keep you on track to meet your financial goals.

Debt Management

We work with you to analyse your debt and spending habits, and then explore strategies to consolidate and reduce your liabilities.

Estate Planning

Ensure your assets go to the right people at the right time. With many implications to consider including taxes and potential disputes, we help you navigate the complex world of estate planning.

Investment Advice

When it comes to investment advice, shares and property are two popular options. We help you figure out which investment option is right for you and your circumstances.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning strategies are designed to suit your individual situation and needs.

Risk Management

We offer peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected financially if the worst happens. Our team will take the time to ensure that you and your family are protected.


We can help you choose a super fund that is right for you, with an investment strategy and plan for a comfortable retirement.

Tax planning

Whether you’re selling your home, wanting to increase your super contributions or implementing a new business structure, we help you get more from your money through a range of tax-saving opportunities.


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Our financial planners put you in control of your financial future. We offer tailored financial planning advice that takes into consideration every aspect of your unique situation.

Financial planning isn’t just for those approaching retirement or buying their second investment property, it’s also about protecting young families, saving for your first home deposit and setting a strategy to create long-term wealth.

Sound financial planning that aligns with your goals and objectives can help you and your family prepare for whatever the future brings. Whether you dream about buying your own home, taking that once in a lifetime holiday or setting up education funding to ensure your child’s future – our financial planning advisors can help.

We understand that wealth creation means different things to different people. We work with you – take the time to understand your situation, your goals, aspirations and dreams – then help you create a strategy that suits your needs.

Australia wide

With Financial Planners servicing clients all over Australia and holding meetings virtually or face to face in the comfort of your own home or at our office locations in Brisbane, Geelong and Launceston.


When it seems impossible to find the time to see a financial adviser within the hours of 9 to 5, our advisers are able to arrange evening meetings.

Devoted financial services team

The financial adviser you choose will become your personal financial advisor working closely with you every step of the way. With a dedicated financial services team, you will receive advice and services designed specifically for your situation.

End to end support

Often people read great books, listen to podcasts or receive great advice but it all ends there. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your plan is implemented and executed correctly.

Client Testimonials

My experience with PAC Financial so far has been great, Clint is a professional, easy going young bloke that is good at his job, he knows what he’s doing and helps me understand all the jargon that goes over my head. I trust him and the results from our last catch-up speak volumes. My super fund is going great and he’s also set me up with life insurance and income protection insurance, and he made the process easy and stress free. I would recommend PAC Financial to anyone that is looking for the best advice on their financial security into the future.

Travis Lee

This company and their professionalism from bosses and employees are incredible. PAC Financial go above and beyond to help in every way they can. Always great friendly service and they take the time to work with you and to achieve your maximum goal. Highly recommended

Melissa Wraight

Mervin has provided advice to my family and I many times over the years. Not only is he well educated in financial matters, insurance and superannuation, he takes the time to understand exactly what outcome you are looking for.
His professionalism and down to earth nature makes dealing with Mervin easy and timely. His customer service is second to none. I never hesitate to refer to PAC Financial as I am confident they will exceed expectations.

Michael Raetzke

Can’t even start to put into words what PAC Financial have done for me and my family, but I’ll try. Right from the very start they gave myself and my family the most comprehensive and sound advice on all matters including financial, insurance and planning. When the unthinkable happened and we had to make a claim on the insurance policy’s they handled the process with such professionalism and commitment that I was left in a state of overwhelming appreciation and gratitude like I had never felt before. I place the position that myself and my family are now in squarely on the shoulders of what PAC Financial achieved for us. Then when it comes to the Financial Planning side and strategy surrounding our future investments they are by far the best in the business and I cannot speak highly enough of them. From the bottom of my heart thank you very much the team at PAC Financial for all that you have done. The future looks bright solely off your efforts in a very difficult time.

Curt Casey

Nathan has consistently provided timely and professional support and advice around my retirement planning, superannuation and investment portfolio. Soon after my husband passed away, I heard about Nathan through a mutual friend. He came to my home with a genuine desire to see how best PAC Financial could be of assistance. That was over 3 years ago. Over many cups of coffee, a housewarming and chats about family and all the concerns with that, Nathan and I formed a firm friendship where I could share with him the financial concerns I had. I knew that he was genuine in his desire to give the best advice and always understood where my concerns stemmed from. At the greatest times of upheaval Nathan organised for his bosses to give me a better look at all the options I had available and the possible outcomes. This helped me tremendously in moving forward. At times we held our collective breaths whilst trying to manoeuvre through very trying financial times. I’m only too glad to be able to say I found a fantastic financial planner who is very knowledgeable about current markets and makes it his aim to break it down for me in layman’s terms.

Anita Boyne

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