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February 2023

PAC Financial, Testimonial

Client Video Testimonial: kurt and Kylie

At PAC Financial, our experienced financial planners are committed to helping you achieve your financial objectives.
Whether you’re aiming to build your retirement savings, invest in property, or prepare for your children’s education, our team has the expertise to support you at every stage. With PAC Financial, you can rest assured that your financial future is secure. Let us collaborate with you to design a tailored plan for your financial prosperity.

Finance Planning, PAC Financial

When Is the Best Time to Visit a Financial Planner?

Life can throw any one of us a curve ball. Just when we think everything is going swimmingly, a death, redundancy or unexpected expense can knock us sideways.

With these kinds of life events, financial challenges can come raining down.

But, even at times when we mundanely trundle through life, it’s well worth taking stock and giving our financial well-being a health check. It’s arguably as important to visit a financial planner in the good times. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

Read on to find out the best times to get the benefits a financial planner can bring you for a brighter financial future.

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