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December 2023

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Client Video Testimonial: Kurt

Empowering Futures: Kurt and Kylie’s Journey with PAC Financial
Meet Kurt, a seasoned chef, and his partner Kylie Fisher, together for 12 years with three beautiful children. In the culinary world for many years, Kurt found himself at a crossroads when he began seeking solutions to insurance and financial advice questions. That’s when PAC Financial entered the scene, changing their lives in ways they never anticipated.

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Are you considering a Granny Flat arrangement…. What could go wrong?

A lot as it turns out. To decrease disaster, it’s worth considering a formal agreement which lays out everyone’s expectations on the table.

Why are Granny Flat arrangements becoming so popular?

Unaffordable property prices and unreasonable rents are pushing many families to rethink their living situations. Granny flats can often be a popular solution as it may provide you the opportunity to continue to live independently in a home for longer whilst providing suitable and reasonably priced accommodation for the younger generation.

Also, capitalising on the families grouped financial resources and support creates another possible alternative to aged care.

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