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Financial Planning in Your 50s: Your Top Priorities

The older we get, the faster the clock of life seems to tick. If you haven’t planned for your future by your 50s, you could find yourself breaking out in a cold sweat. But fear not, it is never too late to start planning for retirement.

Financial planning in your 50s is a golden opportunity to supercharge your future and build a healthy income for your later years. Read on for the tips you need from our Launceston financial planning team.

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How Compounding Works Wonders for Your Super

Most of us want to secure as big a pot of money as we can for retirement. The trick is to make what cash we put aside over our lifetimes work as hard as possible. It needs to grow and grow for the best results.

You may find your Launceston financial planner refers to compounding as one of the great wonders of investing. Superannuation compounding is no exception. So, what exactly is compound growth in super? Read on to find out.

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Are you considering a Granny Flat arrangement…. What could go wrong?

A lot as it turns out. To decrease disaster, it’s worth considering a formal agreement which lays out everyone’s expectations on the table.

Why are Granny Flat arrangements becoming so popular?

Unaffordable property prices and unreasonable rents are pushing many families to rethink their living situations. Granny flats can often be a popular solution as it may provide you the opportunity to continue to live independently in a home for longer whilst providing suitable and reasonably priced accommodation for the younger generation.

Also, capitalising on the families grouped financial resources and support creates another possible alternative to aged care.

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Why We Often Argue About Our Finances

Being in a relationship comes with its pros and cons.

When single it’s me, myself and I making the decisions. There would be very few couples who claim they never argue – some might say that would be boring anyway. The real disputes occur when the arguments are about finances and if they occur too often, it can become stressful and draining.
Today we look at the three main reasons couples argue about their finances. And how seemingly ‘irreconcilable’ differences might be handled.


Weathering the Storm: 5 Tips for Budgeting During Inflation

Inflation in Australia has been hovering at alarming levels with wages squeezed and prices soaring to levels that many millennials had never thought possible. The situation is deeply unsettling.

It’s a good opportunity to take stock and baton down the hatches so that we can all come out of the other side without incurring huge debts. Careful budgeting is going to be key. Read on for our top budgeting tips to help you secure the best financial future.


How to Manage Your Debt in a Few Easy Steps

Survey after survey reveals that the national personal debt of the average Australian hovers at around the 50,000 dollar mark. Australia has one of the highest percentages of household debt compared to other countries with similar economies.

If you have spiralling debt, you’re not alone. The good news is you can always take action whatever your financial situation.

The first step for many of us is to get our heads out of the sand. Read on for the tips you need about debt management to secure a brighter financial future.

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