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Budgeting and Cash Flow Best Practices

Just a few changes to the way you manage your finances can make a dramatic improvement to your cash flow. We have a long list of tried and tested techniques that will help.

We’ll start by examining your spending habits and the way you manage your money. Once we’ve done this, we’ve often been able to save our customers hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Call it our regular financial health check-up.

Understanding How You Spend

We’ll take a close look at your cash flow. That includes getting an understanding of:

  • How you pay your bills, manage your debt and save for the future

  • Which credit and debits cards you use most and who your financial providers are

  • Your preferred payment method for everyday items

By taking a snapshot of a typical month or two, we can build a picture of the ways you currently choose to manage your cash flow. We can then offer you advice about any potential improvements you can make.

Better Banking Services

With around 100 banks to choose from and digital technology making switching providers relatively straightforward, it makes sense to shop around. Key drivers should include:

  • Accounts with no or low fees and higher interest rates
  • A bank’s customer service rating
  • Ensuring your bank comes under the Financial Claims Scheme
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Automating Your Expenses

Going paperless and using banking as well as financial management Apps will save you stress, time and money. We can suggest a whole host of best practices such as:

  • Setting up automated payments to match the date your salary hits your account
  • Paying as many bills as possible by direct debit, especially those on credit cards
  • Settling credit card bills in full every month whenever possible
  • Checking all bills and analysing opportunities for saving in future

Kicking bad banking habits that may be costing you money is a simple but effective way we can help you put money aside and create more disposable income.

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