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Chris Cannon

Financial Planner and Chief Financial Officer

Chris has been working in the financial services industry since 2005. He has a track record of going the extra mile for his clients, using his knowledge of real-world business, combined with his financial expertise to enable his clients to reach their financial goals and secure their financial future. Chris is a founding partner of PAC Financial and is passionate about helping his clients. Chris loves being a part of improving people’s lives financially and works hard on achieving the best outcomes for them.

Something people often notice about Chris is his ability to present financial planning in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He also has a keen eye for the finer details, excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanour. Outside of work Chris spends most of his time with his young family. He enjoys a range of sports but mostly looks forward to the spring carnival each year.

Qualifications and Specialities

Diploma of Financial Planning
Registered Tax (Financial) adviser

Chris has met the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority Exam Standard in accordance with Section 921B of the Corporations Act 2001 and is enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, and has completed the following subjects:

  • Tax and Commercial Law for Financial Planning
  • Economic and Legal Context for Financial Planning
  • Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Superannuation and Retirement Advice
  • Insurance Advice
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Monday – Friday

What do you like most about the PAC Financial team?

The range of backgrounds the team has makes collaboration more interesting.

What is your favourite TV show, movie, home cooked meal and take-out?

  • Las Vegas,
  • Braveheart,
  • Rack of Lamb,
  • Pizza

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

I’m a fan of podcasts.

What do you wish was more known about Financial Planning?

I believe basic money management should be taught in schools as it would help people with many aspects of financial planning.

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Great bunch of people to work with and very knowledgeable.

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