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Most of us want to be sure that any hard-earned assets we’ve built up over our lives, such as our homes and savings, go to our choice of beneficiary when we pass away.

Beneficiaries could be a partner, our children, friends or even a charity. Sometimes, they’re a combination of several different people or organisations. Picking the right moment to pass on your assets is key as is understanding the variations in tax that you may have to pay.

Asset-Related Advice

If you’re not careful, you could end up reducing the net worth of your assets by making important decisions at the wrong time.
We can offer advice about:

  • The best moments to offload your assets

  • Who might benefit more from receiving your assets

  • How to pay the least possible amount of tax when passing your assets on

Timing and your choice of beneficiary can be crucial. We’ll help you understand why.

Asset Ownership

Once we have the whole picture of your current financial circumstances, we can come up with a strategy that can help protect your assets. There are always dependencies. For example, sometimes, this may involve transferring the ownership of your home to a spouse or partner. We’ll talk you through all possible options.

Beneficiary Nominations

Choosing a beneficiary is key to ensuring your assets do not get lost or swallowed up in tax. It’s also important to ensure that any dependents you have will still have access to your bank accounts should the unexpected happen. You should include savings, super or other assets when weighing up your choice of beneficiary.

No matter how obvious these kinds of decisions are, it can be hard to think about them, let alone make them. A financial assessment with us is an ideal opportunity to talk it all through with an objective third party.

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Help with Drawing Up Your Legal Documents

It’s always wise to have a plan about what happens if you are unable to make decisions yourself due to an illness or if you should pass away unexpectedly. Deciding who you want to benefit from your assets is a big part of the process. It’s also one that needs rubber-stamping by a legal practitioner.

Whether it is your preferred solicitor or one we refer you to, we will work with the legal team that will take care of all kinds of contracts on your behalf. They can draw up wills along with documents related to:

  • The formation of testamentary trusts as a means to pass on your assets
  • Guardianship
  • The assignment of Powers of attorney to someone of your choice

It’s never too early to start thinking about these kinds of legal processes. This is especially the case if others like a spouse or your children depend on you. Often, they’ll need instant access to your finances should the unexpected happen. The best advice is to act now if you have not already done so.

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