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Any age group can benefit from setting aside cash intended for continued growth. Young adults have the advantage of time and can potentially reap greater potential long-term rewards.

Others may start later in life when they have more disposable income. The bottom line is this: it’s never too early, or too late. The most appropriate type of investment to plough your savings into is likely to vary depending on your age and your goals.

Learning About Investments

Many people are keen to invest but lack the know-how or experience. 

PAC Financial are here to support you and explain:
  • How investments work, the effect of compound interest and how to make a plan

  • The choices available and the advantages of a diverse portfolio

  • The potential rewards and ways to maximise your investment returns

  • We’ll also cover the risks and pitfalls and the best ways to protect your investments.

Income and Growth Investing

If you wish to invest part of your income, we’ll help you come up with a strategy appropriate to your lifestyle. Defensive Investments include a range of cash and fixed products. By their nature, they are lower risk.
They often make good choices in these instances:

  • For short-term goals
  • As part of a diverse variety of investment types within your portfolio

Growth Investments carry greater risk however, they tend to offer a higher potential return compared to Defensive Investments. Key markets include property, shares, private equity and commodities. We’ve found Growth Investments typically suit those wanting to meet longer-term goals of at least 5 years.

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Ethical and Social Governance (ESG) Investing

More and more investors want to ensure their money gets used responsibly. They want their cash to be part of funds that they believe have the right ethical credentials. Often on the lookout for sustainable and environmental options, their ESG investment plans might focus on issues like:

  • Corporate culture and issues of equality in the workplace
  • Labour standards and benefits for employees
  • Climate change and waste management

We’ll help you understand a fund’s ESG investment strategy because there can be huge discrepancies and variations.

For example, some funds work by excluding investments that don’t meet particular ESG criteria. Others may invest with the aim of achieving an ESG outcome such as more affordable housing or an increase in clean energy sources. We’ll help you navigate the array of choices out there. That means you’ll have a clearer picture of ethical claims made and be able to make an informed decision before parting with your cash.

Constructing a Portfolio

What matters is that you build a portfolio that’s right for you at any given moment. You will always need to consider a strategic asset allocation that suits your risk profile.

We’d also recommend that you regularly revisit your investment plan. Circumstances, needs and goals often change over time and you should always be ready to adapt your portfolio to suit your current situation.

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