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We can help you choose a super fund that is right for you, with an investment strategy and plan for a comfortable retirement.

Super is the envy of workers in countries across the world. Although seen by many as a national treasure, it often gets overlooked or neglected by employees of all ages in Australia. That’s a mistake that can give them cause for regret in later life. We can help, especially if you answer, “I don’t know” to any of these questions:

  • How much is in your super fund?
  • Who is your super provider?
  • What fees is your super fund(s) incurring?
  • Did you choose your super fund provider?
  • Can you make additional super contributions on top of your employer’s?
  • Do you have the right amount of super to bankroll your ideal retirement lifestyle?

It all starts with getting to grips with the basics around super. 

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Understanding Super

Super is important for everyone in Australia. It’s one of the key ways to save for retirement. And, the more you save in your super, the more money you are likely to have when you stop working.

There can be pitfalls that can have an impact on this kind of saving mechanism. These relate to the spectrum of fees charged by different providers along with managing your super, particularly if you switch jobs regularly.
Employers have a legal requirement to make super contributions, known as a “super guarantee,” on your behalf. This is now regardless of how much you earn. If you don’t tell your employer your preferred provider, they’ll make the choice for you. The same may often apply to sole contractors.

We can help you take back control. We can show you the benefits of making additional payments into your super savings and how the Australian Government will sometimes put extra money in too.

Choosing the Right Fund and Strategy

We’ve extensive expertise and knowledge about all the super funds that will be available to you. We’ll carefully examine the current state of your finances along with any prior contributions you may have already made. By finding out what your expectations are when you stop working, we can then find the best fund for you along with a bespoke plan that’s the right fit.

Maximising Returns & Planning for the Future

It’s a smart move to begin planning early. The more time you have ahead of you, the bigger the compounding effect on your super. With our help you can begin to implement strategies that will:

  • Lower your expenses
  • Maximise your returns
  • Build a healthy-looking balance that’s going to grow and grow

Making extra super contributions on top of those made by an employer can bring significant benefits. There is a cap but it’s often possible to make these extra payments through “salary sacrifice” or before any tax gets deducted. That means you’ll be saving even more of your hard-earned cash. We can talk you through the options along with other available tax incentives.

Super, Lost and Found 

There are plenty of Australians who have super funds ticking away somewhere without even realising it. This often happens if they’ve changed jobs frequently. We can help trace these lost funds on your behalf and then potentially consolidate them with your main super fund for an even bigger pot.

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