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Tax Planning Services For Individuals and Business

Fact: money makes money. Yet, many Australians do not make the cash they earn work as hard as it could for them. We can help you get more from your money through a range of tax-saving opportunities.

Whether you’re selling your home, wanting to increase your super contributions or incorporating a new kind of business structure, we have you covered.

Minimise Your Taxable Income

You can use part of your pre-tax income to pay for certain kinds of products. Effectively payment would come out of your gross salary. Making additional super contributions is a classic example.

“Salary packaging” allows your employer to put part of your pre-tax salary towards a range of benefits including cars or phones. It’s what we call a “salary sacrifice.” You may also be able to use it to fund loans, school or childcare fees and health insurance.

We can help you understand how to make this option work for you.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Management

This is a tax on profits made from buying or selling certain types of assets, typically property. If you are living in your home when you sell it, you may not have to pay any CGT at all. There are restrictions that relate to how long you have lived in a home before selling. We can have an expert team who can guide you through the best ways to sell any assets that might incur CGT.

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Claim All Deductions

People spend money on a whole range of items that they use to earn income. In these cases, it’s often possible to make a tax claim against some of them.
Some purchases may appear insignificant but, when added together, can make you huge savings at the end of the financial year. Talk to us if you’re uncertain and be sure to hang on to any receipts.

Untaxable Income

Some income streams are by their very nature non-taxable. It’s therefore important not to include them in your tax return.
We can advise you about these. They include:

  • Lump-sum payments resulting from the surrender of an insurance policy
  • Mortgage protection pay-outs
  • Money paid out due to a terminal illness or work-related injury

Educational grants and support pensions from Centrelink to those who are younger than pension age are also exempt.

Business Structures

Once we can get a full and clear picture of your finances and needs, we can also advise on the different business structures from companies, sole trader, partnerships and trusts, and their pros and cons. Each provides a different level of asset protection, tax treatment, flexibility with ownership and growth potential.

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