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The branches of PAC Financial share a common aim.

Their goal is to put you in control of your financial future. We offer bespoke financial planning advice that considers each aspect of your individual situation.

Sound financial planning protects young families and creates a strategy for long-term wealth and a comfortable retirement. We know there are also countless dependencies that can crop up along the way.

The Launceston branch of PAC Financial is there to assist residents of Tasmania and beyond through an often-bewildering financial maze. We guarantee a clear plan of action for the best possible financial future.

Expert Financial Advice on Tap

Clint Gillman heads up our Launceston branch. An industry all-rounder, Clint’s worked in banking, real estate, insurance, and business services, along with construction, forestry and farming.

What drives Clint is a desire to help his clients work with their money in smarter ways. That starts with listening to their aspirations. Once he has the whole picture, he will come up with a carefully crafted and detailed plan

Communication is key. One of Clint’s core skills is to drill down into complex issues and explain them in language that everyone can understand. When your future security is the focal point, it’s vital that you’re across all the potential benefits and pitfalls that could affect it.

Here’s what makes PAC Financials’ Launceston Financial Services special:
  • Advice backed up by many years of expert experience.

  • A team headed by a fully qualified Financial Planning Specialist.

  • The creation of a tailored plan with a laser-like focus on your aspirations.

  • Our clients always play center stage in everything we do.

PAC Financial is an extremely tight-knit team.
Each team member plays an integral part in what is a well-oiled machine. In Launceston, we have every aspect of financial planning covered. That puts us at a huge advantage because all our clients have different needs depending on their age, circumstances and financial background. We are keen to show how much value we can add to the clients we work so hard for.

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Image: Clint Gillman

A Clear Path Ahead

The Launceston team will cut through all the financial possibilities. They’ll communicate openly and clearly so that you can see the next steps you need to take and where they will lead you to.

In effect, the team does all the hard work for you. The result is a pain-free transition to a new strategy that’s going to help you achieve your aims and dreams. You should quickly be able to get a sense of what your goals are going to feel like.

Typical aspirations include:

  • Setting up an education fund for a child
  • Buying a home
  • Taking a once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday

It’s worth noting that Clint Gillman holds a diploma in property services and previously held a real estate agent’s license. From a financial planning point of view, his specialty lies in working with clients in the trades or real estate, those who are self-employed as well as pre and post-retirees.

We know that everyone has their own definition of what wealth creation means. What we do is partner up with you. We will take the time to get the complete picture of your situation, aspirations, dreams and goals and then create a strategy that’s the best fit for you.

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An A-Z of Our Core Services

The Launceston branch focuses on certain key services in exactly the same way as the rest of the PAC Financial family.

Age Pension and Aged Care

There are plenty of dependencies that will affect the amount of Age Pension you will receive from the government. Whatever your circumstances, age or marital status, it’s always worth knowing what your entitlement is likely to be. We’ll assist you in doing precisely that.

We can help you get the most from your government pension benefits. We can ensure:

  • Your Age Pension claim form is properly filled in.
  • The careful management of your Age Pension through Centrelink.

It’s always a good time to consider what kind of support you might need as you head into later life.
We will help you to understand:

  • The kinds of government support available and your eligibility.
  • Care home expenses: daily & means-tested care costs & accommodation fees.

There is a whole range of issues to get across. Many may need tweaking over time along the way.

Budgeting and Cashflow

It’s a fact that many of us pay out unnecessarily for services we don’t need or fail to streamline our cash flow in ways that can actually save us money.
We love getting a snapshot of our clients’ banking habits. We can then work our magic to potentially make you big savings with a few tips and tricks.

Debt Management

The first step to good debt management is to admit there may be a problem. Experience shows that the longer you leave issues related to debt, the worse the situation is likely to get.
We can help get debt under control by taking advantage of the best interest rates, consolidation and paying off what you owe more quickly.

Estate Planning

It’s wise to ensure that any hard-earned assets you’ve built up over time, such as homes and savings, go to your choice of beneficiary should you pass away. Choosing the right time to pass on your assets is vital as is understanding the different rates of tax that you may have to pay.

We can advise you about:

  • The right moment to offload assets.
  • How to reduce the tax bill when passing assets on.

Investment Advice

The Launceston team is there to support you and help you understand:

  • The workings of investments and the effect of compound interest.
  • How to make an investment plan and the benefits of a diverse portfolio.
  • Ways you can maximise the returns on your investments.
  • The pitfalls, risks and ways you can better protect your investments.

Retirement Planning

Too many Australians live to regret not planning properly for their retirement. It’s never too early (or too late) to come up with a strategy for when you stop working.

The Launceston team will aim to get a clear picture of your current financial health and aspirations. They can then come up with viable strategies and investments. They’ll help you manage associated risks from life expectancy to inflation and unforeseen circumstances.

Risk Management

Life is fraught with risk. Clint Gillman and the Launceston team can help you with ways to mitigate the dangers to your finances that life can throw your way. They can advise on a full range of insurance types from life cover to TPD, critical illness and income protection.


Managed wisely, super can be the gift that keeps on giving. We can help you how to understand how much is in your fund, any fees involved and who might be the best super provider for you.

It’s too easy to take your eye off the ball when it comes to super. Let one of the Launceston team go over your super contributions with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you’re getting maximum benefit.

Tax Planning Advice

The Launceston team can help you get more from your money through a variety of tax-saving opportunities. These could be by minimising your taxable income or by taking advantage of Capital Gains benefits. We can advise you on claimable tax deductions. We can also advise on specific non-taxable income streams and lump sum payments that are important not to include in your tax return.

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We’d love to create a personalised plan that’ll give you better financial control of your future. You can set up an appointment today with Clint Gillman who heads up PAC Financial’ s Tasmania operation. Book a call with Clint here.
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