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Client Video Testimonial: Curt

Empowering Futures: Curt and Kylie’s Journey with PAC Financial
Meet Curt, a seasoned chef, and his partner Kylie Fisher, together for 12 years with three beautiful children. In the culinary world for many years, Curt found himself at a crossroads when he began seeking solutions to insurance and financial advice questions. That’s when PAC Financial entered the scene, changing their lives in ways they never anticipated.

Since becoming a PAC member, Curtt’s life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two years ago. In the face of this challenging situation, PAC Financial played a pivotal role. Curt shares his experience, highlighting the support and comfort he found both financially and emotionally during this difficult time.

In this video testimonial, Curt and Kylie delve into the transformative impact of PAC Financial on their lives. Curtt emphasises the speed and efficiency with which PAC Financial handled his insurance claims, exceeding his expectations. From the moment of diagnosis, a single phone call brought support to his doorstep, fostering a sense of care and community.

Despite the adversity, Kylie sheds light on the positive aspect of their journey as a family. Through PAC Financial’s assistance, they found strength, resilience, and the ability to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth. Looking ahead, Curt envisions a future filled with freedom and opportunity, thanks to the support and guidance provided by PAC Financial.

Join us in this inspiring testimonial as Curt and Kylie express their gratitude for the light PAC Financial brought into their lives during a dark time. Discover how PAC Financial not only exceeded expectations but became a guiding force in turning adversity into a positive trajectory for the entire family.


[Music] So a bit about myself my name’s Curt and I’m a chef by trade but I’ve been working in restaurants for many many years and I came across pack when I was looking to resolve some insurance and financial advice questions I had so yeah and my name is Kylie Fisher and I’m Curt’s partner we’ve been together for about 12 years now and have three children together so since I’ve started using Pac I’ve had a lot of changes in my life unfortunately I was diagnosed with Ms about two three years ago now two years ago now what’s up um and it was a very difficult time my life as you could imagine moving through that process I was so lucky that I had insurances in place from day dot they enabled me to obviously on fighting my disease but then enabled me to fight that from a position of comfort financially mentally and emotionally so I’ve had to make several insurance claims since I became a member of the PAC Financial they’ve exceeded my expectations in a lot of way I mean mostly it was the second I was diagnosed they I’ve made one phone call and within a matter of days I had them at my house I had support I felt like I had people around me who cared and then it was I couldn’t be much longer after diagnosis that I actually my first Insurance claim was settled so it was fast smoothing it was smooth and it was really it was a great process the best of a bad situation you might say

I guess one success story that you could take from my situation although it’s not all positive but there’s a lot of positive that came out of it and it was the way in which we were able to grow as a family and we’re able to move forward from such bad news to turn into something positive when I looked down the track now in life I see freedom and opportunity it’s not as dark as what it could have been and for that I thank them [Music] thank you



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