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Client Video Testimonial: kurt and Kylie

At PAC Financial, our experienced financial planners are committed to helping you achieve your financial objectives.
Whether you’re aiming to build your retirement savings, invest in property, or prepare for your children’s education, our team has the expertise to support you at every stage. With PAC Financial, you can rest assured that your financial future is secure. Let us collaborate with you to design a tailored plan for your financial prosperity.

In this video testimonial, a satisfied client shares how PAC Financial has helped them with estate planning and investment management. They admit that they knew little about these topics before meeting with PAC Financial, but stress the importance of understanding what happens to your money and your family after you’re gone. With the help of PAC Financial, they were able to invest their money in the right places, make it work for them, and feel confident about their financial decisions. The client encourages others to consider PAC Financial’s services, emphasising the simplicity of reaching out and the potential benefits of doing so. Watch the video to hear their story and learn more about how PAC Financial can help you.

*video transcript*

There have been several ways PAC Financial has helped us. Obviously, they provided us with estate planning services. Personally, neither of us knew much about this stuff before meeting PAC Financial, but it’s really important to understand what happens to you, your family, and your money after you’re gone. Talking about money, they helped us put our money in the right places, make it work for us, and move forward with confidence that we’re making the right decisions now for later on. Coming into it, neither of us had any idea about the financial or insurance industries, but just because we weren’t taught doesn’t mean we can’t learn. I feel that the relationship with PAC Financial has really enabled us to take that step further.

If someone were considering PAC, I would tell them to just do it. It’s really simple; just pick up the phone. I know you might think it’s a bit of work and tedious, but it’s not. Just pick it up and do it; otherwise, you never know what’s around the corner in life.


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